Our Mission

... evangelize the World with divine speed redeeming the time.

  1. To mobilize Christians across the world, through intensive prayer, to evangelize the World with divine speed redeeming the time.
  2. To promote unity in the body of Christ through aggressive and intensive interdenominational prayer.
  3. To revive the sound Christian values that made the early Church very strong, values devoid of segregation caused by the advent of denominationalism.
  4. To restore the zeal for personal Evangelism through a conscientious and active participation in the Daily One Hour Intensive Prayer.
  5. To embark on activities that will stir up all round fruitfulness in every born again Christian.
  6. To stir up revival and the manifestation of Pentecostal power in the lives of regenerated believers for worldwide Evangelism with Signs and Wonders, a stimulus for Christians, especially Christian Youths all over the world.
  7. To stimulate and restore deep interest in the study and knowledge of the word of GOD.

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