Using the Daily Prayer Schedule of “My Day-To-Day Alone With GOD In One Hour Intensive Prayer.”

  1. The schedule contains daily prayer items for use in the interdenominational marathon chain prayer.
  2. Endeavor to spend enough time, at least one hour a day, using the prayer schedule for the purpose of unison and the unity of the Spirit.
  3. It is marathon prayer since someone else takes over from you anywhere in the world as you conclude your one hour intensive prayer with GOD.
  4. It is also chain in nature since another person steps in as you conclude your personal encounter with GOD in intensive prayer.
  5. You are free to choose the hour best suited for you to have this daily encounter with GOD.
  6. You may choose an hour today that is quite different from the one chosen yesterday, provided it is within the twenty and four (24) hours that makes up the day.
  7. The time chosen to pray may be in the morning, afternoon, evening, day or night.
  8. In all circumstances, always look for a quiet place to wrestle with the GOD of your life in prayer.
  9. Those who may find it difficult to pray for one hour at a stretch may break the time of prayer into two parts, but you may realize very soon that one hour is not even enough to wrestle with GOD in prayer.
  10. Know that prayer is an act of worship and not a mere exercise for it is an encounter between humans who are physical and GOD who is spirit; thus sing songs and hymns of praises and adoration to the glory GOD.
  11. Have a deep understanding of the theme, text and devotion as you pray.
  12. Pray in tongues as the Holy Spirit gives you utterances.
  13. Prophesy according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  14. As you pray faithfully, you will soon be a part of GOD’s spiritual house that is impregnable and a trustworthy, formidable and dependable soldier of Christ.

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