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And I thought to advertise thee, saying, Buy it before the inhabitants, and before the elders of my people. If thou wilt redeem it, redeem it: but if thou wilt not redeem it, then tell me, that I may know: for there is non to redeem it beside thee; and I am after thee. And he said, I will redeem it,” RUTH 4:4. Advertisement is opened to Christians of all denominations, those who believe in the LORDSHIP of JESUS CHRIST, our Saviour. Any Advert that carry elements of Anti-Christ, heretical tone, violence and adverts with connotations that do not give all the Glory to GOD, shall be expunged from the lists of adverts without prior notice.

Adverts shall be for a minimum of 14 days. Others are for 30days (1 month), 90days (3 months), 180days (6 months), and 365days (12 months). Proceeds from adverts shall be wholly used for evangelism and mission works across the world in collaboration with Churches and other interest groups in the work of evangelism and mission. Rates for Advertisements are: 14days Advert = $15.40; 30days Advert = $36.00; 90days Advert = $120.00; 180days Advert = $250.00; 365days Advert = $550.00. Frequent Advert on this network shall attract reasonable discount. If you have encouraged people to visit and advertise through this website, visit our Evangelism and Outreach site for details about reward.

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